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Mutual Fund Distribution
Mutual Funds have emerged as a biggest and most sought-after investment option in modern times. But with so many funds and schemes in the market, it has become mind-boggling to choose the right fund/scheme. Having invested in mutual funds, there is another more herculean task of managing the funds, knowing their folios and current NAV. We will help you in evaluating the correct fund/scheme suitable to you based on your risk-bearing appetite and also help you in knowing the current NAVs and managing your folios across different funds/schemes.

Life Insurance Planning
Two major risks of Life - Living too long and living too short needs to be taken care of. We have wide range of Insurance Options to take care of both the events. Whats more! Life Insurance planning can help you achieve your financial goals and save on your taxes too. Remember - There is no substitute to Life Insurance. We will help you in structuring your insurance planning based on your needs and requirements.

Health Insurance Planning
Medical expenses are rising day by day and are only expected to go further up! Health insurance serves as hedge against medical expenses. We have good health insurance policies to cater to your needs.

General Insurance Planning

We at Advisory Services deals in all the General Insurance Products across various General Insurance Cos. as per our customer’s need and convenience.

Fixed deposit (FD)
Fixed deposit or term deposit is the most common method of investing money. It is suitable for someone who has a lump sum and wants to invest in a single deposit for a specific period of time. Interest rates of these deposits depend on the tenure of the investment. Longer the tenure, greater the interest rate. Premature and partial withdrawals are available, but with a penalty, which vary from bank to bank.

In a recent ruling the Authority for Advance Rulings (AAR) has held that interest on debentures paid to an investor, who is a resident of Mauritius, is subject to withholding tax in India, unless it is specifically exempted. The AAR had been approached by an Indian company for ascertainment of its liability to deduct tax at source for payment of interest on partly-convertible debentures to a company incorporated in Mauritius.

When you buy one, the bond which you buy will show the amount of money that is being borrowed (face value), the interest rate(coupon rate or yield) that the borrower has to pay over the tenure, the interest payments (coupon payments) as well as the deadline for paying the money back to the company. There are different types of bond in India. Sone are as follow:

1. Corporate Bonds
2. Government Bonds.
3. Banks & Other Financial Institutional Bonds
4. Tax Saving Bonds.
5. Emerging Market Bonds.

Postal Schemes
The Indian postal system offers a wide range of tax saving options along with higher interest rates. Most popular financial instrument of Indian postal system is -
1. Post Office Time Deposits
2. Post Office Monthly Income Plan
3. Post Office Recurring Deposits
4. National Saving Scheme
5. Public Provident Fund
6. National Saving certificates.